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☰ Spanish Day - 9th June

Spanish Day - 9th June

Posted on June 16 2016

Over the last two weeks, the afternoon children at the Montessori House have been busy finishing off all the Artefacts for Spanish Day. They have been making matador hats, fans, flowers, rosettes, decorations for the playground and practising the catwalk at the rhythm of “la vida es un carnival” by Celia Cruz , “Algo se muere en el alma”  by  Ecos del Rocio  and many more flamenco songs.
It has been a great celebration of the Spanish culture, its outfits, dance, music, food and of course of the Spanish Language turning the playground into a little mini Spain.
We have helped the children raise awareness of other cultures in the world, have an understanding of the geographical position of Spain, what the weather is like, who is a matador, why they need fans and the currency used.

Children’s listening and speaking skills have been supported through a variety of games, activities and songs showing that children at this age have less inhibitions, can mimic pronunciation well and learn better when the class is fun and exciting.

I take this opportunity to thank all the parents for their food donations and for their helping hands. We could not have made it without your support.
I celebrate all the children’s achievements and I thank them for making this Spanish Day another success!

 Thank you!
Maria-Grazia Raguso

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