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Posted on April 22 2016

This week I would like to congratulate the families of children who will enter Reception in September 2016 and who have been offered school places for next academic year.  The decision of which school to choose for your child can be a difficult one.  In a recent survey, of the parents polled, 100% of them considered at least one other school when making the decision about where their child should begin their primary education.  This is hardly surprising.  As educators, we know how much a strong school with caring, trusted professionals and a nurturing ethos can offer a child.  For those of you who have chosen to continue on in the independent sector, we are aware that 80% of you have made this decision, knowing that you will need to sacrifice something in order to do this.  Again, this is unsurprising, though a strong consideration for educators and personnel working in independent schools.

As you and your child begin thinking and talking about the wonderful yet sometimes daunting next step in your child’s education, I hope you will reflect on their time at nursery fondly, recognising how far your child has come in their time here at Montessori House.  For some of you, your child has been here since the age of one.  They have learnt how to walk and talk, make friends and complete puzzles.  Their experience in the Montessori setting will have developed their independence and problem solving skills.  They may be counting, adding and even reading and writing by now.  They will have had a range of experiences that they will take with them to build on wherever they go next.       

The next few months will be full of exciting learning opportunities for the children and lovely events to finish up the children’s year with us.  We look forward to celebrating with you and supporting the children as they prepare to take the next big step in their education.

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