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Miss Burke’s Latest Blog

Posted on July 01 2016

Thank you to all who took part in our Races and Picnic event yesterday.  We were very fortunate that the weather held out for the duration of the event and that the ground wasn’t too wet so we could all enjoy a picnic together beforehand.  The children enjoyed their races and gave it their all, many getting up after slips and trips to carry on to the finish line.  My personal favourite was the holding-hands race, which makes me smile every year!  Congratulations also to Mrs. Leila Forsythe (Wyatt’s mum) and Mr. Panny Phylactou (Penelope’s dad) who won the mums’ and dads’ races amidst stiff competition from the other parents!
As Mrs. Habgood frequently says, ‘these things don’t just happen’.  I must thank the dedicated staff at Montessori House for helping make this event the success that it was.  We shall look forward to it again next year!    

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