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Elizabeth Burke’s Blog

Posted on September 18 2015

It’s like music to the ears!  The classrooms, playground and hallways of our school are once again filled with the industrious chatter and excited squeals that we know so well and love so much.  On a recent ‘learning walk’ around the building, I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing our caring staff supporting our youngest children in the Infant Community in their new environment by inviting them to fingerpaint, share stories and play house with them.  Across the hall, our Reception children were reviewing the visual timetable for their day with their teachers, so they would know exactly what to expect and when.  In the nursery, I witnessed our second year children helping the teachers by assisting the new children in settling into their familiar environment, while our Form 1 children were busy writing reflections of their summer holidays.  It was a really powerful reminder of just how much the children grow and learn in such a short period of time.  I am looking forward to a really exciting year ahead and to watching the children grow and develop.

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