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Form 2 with their Roman shields in the mighty Roman 'tortoise' formation! #collaborate

A brilliant Junior and Senior Prep after-school club with our new boxing coach! #primarysport #bellevueeducation

What a day at the ISA Football Tournament! Both Senior Prep squads represented our school proudly!…

☰ Nursery Leavers

Nursery Leavers

Posted on July 03 2015

Nursery Leavers - As we reach the final weeks of this academic year, it is almost inevitable for us teachers to feel sad to see our oldest children leave Montessori Nursery. However, looking back on their journey, we can only be extremely proud of their considerable achievements. A visitor, on tour around the nursery, would be impressed by all the work the leavers have on display. For example, following a long standing tradition, the children have produced beautiful Time Lines of the first years of their lives. Not only are these a precious celebration of their growth and development, but also of their literacy skills!  Number charts, also on display, are a testimony of their competence in numeracy . This year has been a joyous one for our children.  They have engaged in a range of wonderful activities throughout the year and our cookery and woodwork activities have been particularly successful. Spanish lessons and our wonderful Spanish day celebration recently have also been enjoyed. The children can still remember their visit to the Natural History Museum where they had an unequalled experience examining the dinosaur skeletons. The latest visit to Kenwood House has also enhanced their awareness of art and art appreciation.

The leavers achievements go well beyond their academic skills and encompass their developing life, emotional and social skills. Our children leave us as confident, independent, cooperative and compassionate human beings and we are very proud of them. All this could not have been achieved without the collective efforts of the Montessori and Infant Community teachers and directresses and, of course, the continuous support of the parents.

We wish our leavers the very best of luck with all their future endeavours.   

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