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Posted on February 13 2015

The all day children have been working on a woodwork project over the past couple of weeks. The children prepared their square of pine by sanding the edges and then wrote their name on the back. The next stage was to draw the outline of a geometric shape on to the front of the wood.

The best was yet to come as on Monday they hammered in their nails!! Once the shape had been defined with the nails the children wove coloured ribbons of their choice around the outline to create the shape. The children learnt the names of the geometric shapes as well as learning new and important skills in hammering, fine pincer grip and eye hand coordination. The children experienced a whole group lesson where the teacher presented to the group together and then the children worked in small groups under the teacher’s watchful eye, offering assistance when necessary. This is a great preparation for their next school experience!

We really hope you will enjoy the end product!

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