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Posted on January 16 2015

Montessori Children upstairs have been holding many News Groups where they have discussed their Christmas holidays.News groups are to enhance children’s listening and speaking in a group skills - it is also a lovely way for them to share and learn about their peers and other people! As we have many children from so many different countries and backgrounds, the stories they tell are very interesting and enjoyable.  

This term, along with the reception classes, Montessori Children are learning about dinosaurs. Some of the children already knew quite a bit about them. This week they learned about the Scolosaurus, a plant eating and very well protected dinosaur due to being covered in bony armour and having two pointed spikes on the end of its tail. The children drew and coloured in the spikey dinosaur and very much enjoyed learning about it.

We are using the children’s work to create a wall display which will show the lovely work and also serve as a point of reference for remembering the names of the dinosaurs!

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