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Posted on December 02 2016


As we move from autumn into winter, our French lessons in the Nursery have been looking at the seasons of the year.  We made pictures of autumn trees with tissue paper and introduced the names of each season, looking at how the appearance of trees changes with the seasons.  The children particularly enjoyed an afternoon playing with apple-scented play dough.  

Recently we have looked at four different types of weather: sun, snow, rain and wind.  This week, to consolidate our work on colour, we added in different items of clothing and played a game.  We spun the wheel and decided which items of clothing we would wear for each type of weather.  The children had some very interesting ideas about what clothes would be best for certain types of weather.  They chose shorts and an umbrella for rainy weather.  In the sunshine, they wanted the option to wear wellingtons and a wooly hat or flip-flops.  When we introduce more clothing I am sure they will come up with some really interesting outfits.

Next week will be our last lesson of the term.  We will be learning about French traditions around Christmas time and the food that is enjoyed during this time.  This will tie in with the cultural curriculum in the Nursery where we will be learning about the different ways that Christmas is celebrated around the world.  We will be focusing primarily on those countries where our pupils have a cultural heritage.  

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