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What a day at the ISA Football Tournament! Both Senior Prep squads represented our school proudly!…

Form 2 arranging themselves into multiplication arrays on the playground with Mrs Rajiah and Mrs Harvey!…

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Posted on July 01 2016

As you’ll be aware, we’ve had some busy weeks at our school celebrating VIP Day, Induction Day, Open Day and the Summer Fayre.

Our children at the Montessori House have also been fortunate enough to experience a wonderful morning session learning the benefits of healthy eating and exercising from Ms Pip Jenkins, a school mum and a personal trainer.

They enjoyed listening to Ms Jenkins whilst she taught them about which foods were healthy foods to eat like fruits and vegetables as well as unhealthy foods to avoid such as sugary sweets and fizzy drinks, teaching the children life- long lessons. The warm up session after the talk was also a great success and much loved by the children. The room was full of giggles as the children stretched their glutes and biceps! Healthy eating and healthy living! Thank you very much Ms Jenkins!

This week we also had our inaugural Open Day welcoming interested and prospective parents to come in and take a tour of the school.  The parents met the team and had an opportunity to see the wonderful work of the children on display. They were very impressed by our children’s ability and appreciated the time they had spent on their lovely designs.

Whilst indoors during our rainy summer days, the children have explored and learnt about the lifecycle of the butterfly. They watched caterpillars shedding, growing and spinning themselves into their chrysalis.  They were so pleased when finally our first butterfly with its beautiful wings emerged!

Most recently, we had our Summer Fayre over at Muswell Avenue. There were lots of familiar faces in the crowds and we all had lots of fun- creating biscuits, playing games and joining the queues for something tasty to eat. We were fortunate that the weather was on our side that day!

On that happy note, we very much look forward to seeing lots of parents at our end of year event for our parents and pupils.

Thank you as always for your continued support.

The Montessori Family

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