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What a day at the ISA Football Tournament! Both Senior Prep squads represented our school proudly!…

Form 2 arranging themselves into multiplication arrays on the playground with Mrs Rajiah and Mrs Harvey!…

Ambition, Patience and Resilience needed for Mrs Rajiah's super Origami club! #bellevueeducation

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Posted on May 05 2016

After the exhilarating previous weeks preparing for the Queen's 90th birthday as part of the History Focus Project, the children have settled back into their routines and have been enjoying doing their usual work at school.  This has included lots of maths classes, language and reading with the older children as well as sensorial and practical life activities with the younger children.  The children have also taken part in newsgroups, sharing news from home and talking about plans for the weekend. Our classes additionally involved question games, action songs, number games mixed with lots of 'Grace and Courtesy' groups.  

Moving forward, the children are slowly being introduced to many of the professionals in our current society, such as: musicians, writers, doctors, policemen, ballerinas, footballers and so on. Gradually we are introducing the different aspects of these professions and reading books about them with the children during our classes. We have plans to bring in as many professionals as possible to come in and interact with the children sharing some of their fun experiences. If any of our parents would like to volunteer to talk about their specialised profession, we would more than welcome them! Our first session will be kicking off with a talk from a fire-fighter this week! Our visitor will be coming in to share her stories and describe to the children a usual day at work.  We're sure the children will be absolutely thrilled to hear all about it!

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