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Posted on March 04 2016

How quickly time flies - we’re already two weeks into the second half of Spring term! I hope you had a restful break - the children were all excited to be back and have enjoyed some of our activities already.

Before we go further, we would like to welcome Freya Habeck and Yiannis Hadjiloizou to their Montessori classrooms. We can already see that they will have a very smooth transition from the Infant Community as they have already made some friends and started enjoying their Montessori activities. We are very happy to have them join us. 

This half term, as well as continuing with our Montessori Curriculum, we will have group sessions concentrating on a spring theme: what it means to us, our environment, reading books about spring and the birth of nature. We will be going out to the garden a lot more and planting some bulbs so that the children have an opportunity to put their learning into practice. 

In afternoons we have started our Cookery Classes by teaching the children how to make olive bread. So far, the children have absolutely loved making and eating the olive bread.  We would like to encourage our parents to cook with their children as cooking also encourages healthy eating habits. 

In our Art and Art Appreciation classes we are continuing to teach the children about Monet. Last week the children painted their own versions of the famous Monet Flowers on canvas and they/we are very proud of the results.

P.E. is going to be even more fun this half term as we are hoping to spend more time out in the garden given the change in weather! 

Our afternoon music lessons will continue to cover learning about bells and experimenting with the different pitches and sounds. 

Given the above, the children have a very full and exciting half term ahead. 

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