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Posted on January 29 2016

At Spanish class we have been practising greeting, colours and numbers by playing lots of fun games.
At these classes the major emphasis is the oral language development and the aim is to build up a basic vocabulary and get to appreciate a new language.
Each topic is designed to be cycled through more than once; in fact each lesson is meant to be repeated every two or three weeks, depending on children’s interest. It can be shorter or longer as needed.
Children have been learning what Spanish people say to each other when they do meet and what to say when they bid goodbye.
Children have also learnt to introduce themselves when asked.
They have learnt the colours and the topic has been repeated over and over helping them apply their knowledge in many contexts.
Children have been asked to choose a specific colour cup before drinking water. They have played matching colour cards, have hidden colours and looked for a specific colour. 
Children have been acting out songs “Soy una serpiente”  “cabeza, cintura, rodillas y pies”  and played musical instruments too while dancing and listening to colour and number songs.
They are learning numbers from 1-10 and the topic offers a variety of activities and fun games meant to help them familiarise with the symbols and the quantity.
Children will be soon learning the names of farm animals and play fun activities related to the topic.

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