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Posted on January 15 2016

Since the beginning of this term, the Montessori children have been learning all about the changing seasons. They have learnt that winter is the season with the shortest days and the lowest temperatures. They have also learnt that during this season, most trees and plants stop growing and many animals hibernate or migrate away to warmer environments. The children have been enjoying the winter songs and listening to the stories about the changing seasons. We have also started talking about the shape and position of the Earth in relation to the Sun and how this affects our seasons. With the knowledge they have acquired, the children have been holding their own groups and talking about winter in their classrooms. In their art groups they have been creating beautiful snowflake prints and paper snowflake cards as decorations for their classrooms.

Finally, we would like to announce the commencement of our very much sought after woodwork classes. Starting from 1st of February, we will begin by making clocks in our first lesson. 

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