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What a day at the ISA Football Tournament! Both Senior Prep squads represented our school proudly!…

Form 2 arranging themselves into multiplication arrays on the playground with Mrs Rajiah and Mrs Harvey!…

Ambition, Patience and Resilience needed for Mrs Rajiah's super Origami club! #bellevueeducation

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Posted on March 23 2017

As we have come  nearer to the end of Spring  Term,  we are continuing to have our cultural presentations. This time Montessori children were very lucky enough to have a wonderful presentation from our very own Mrs Mirdita Dedgjonaj about her home country Albania. The children listened to the wonderful Albanian folk music, played by Mrs Dedgjonaj and were very much in awe of the "cifte tel"(a musical instrument with just two strings) while Mrs Dedgjonaj was playing and singing her beautiful songs. They have seen Albanian arts and crafts, folk dresses and tasted warm Albanian home made bread which was made by Mrs Dedgjonaj.

Montessori Children are also learning about Easter and what it means to the life of the animals and plants. They are learning that Easter eggs are a symbol of new life and they can also be seen to represent spring and celebrate rebirth. For their art projects, the children  will be making Easter cards by creating baby chicks with finger  painting. The children also  preparing special cards for their mummies as this coming Sunday is the mothering weekend.


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