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Posted on March 13 2017

As we move through the term, the children have been continuing their journey through European culture.  This is an excellent way to celebrate the varied individual cultural heritage of our children and teachers, as well as learning about other cultures.  This will help our children to be more open-minded and think beyond the narrow confines of their immediate environment.

This week we had another parent presentation, we are lucky to have so many parents who are happy to give up their time to come and share with us.  Ms Miguel told the children all about her home country.  The children learnt lots of new things about Spain and they particularly enjoyed practising flamenco moves.  As part of our cultural presentations we always like to sample a traditional dish.  This time they tried churros and arroz con leche.  It’s always interesting to see our children experiencing new flavours.  Ms Miguel also brought in her cello and the children were able to listen to a live performance of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1.  The music was so beautiful that it tempted Miss Milligan out of her office to listen.  


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