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Posted on January 20 2017

This week, some of our children have been making necklaces from leaves and sticks while others have been building dens from materials that they collected from the woods. The children have talked about what they would do if they had to build a shelter and how warm they would need to be if they happened to be in a shelter during the winter. We also discussed the types of materials they would need to be using to keep warm and dry while they are in the shelter. This was a very popular outing as the children gained new skills through learning how to build a den and also made some lovely necklaces from the colourful leaves they collected.

Playing outside provides children with a lot of exercise as well as fresh air and the children are able to run around in a bigger and different setting.  Playing games with their friends, building dens, collecting things from the ground are fun ways of doing exercise and socialising with their peers. Additionally, this type of activity stimulates their imagination, their problem solving skills and their ability to work in groups. Our children have been enjoying going to Highgate Woods immensely.

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