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Montessori Light

Posted on November 28 2014

The children from the Montessori Lite class and the Friday afternoon art have created Christmas tree decorations from dough. They have used the skills of rolling and cutting along with using their imagination to design a pattern on the front. The designs will be threaded and ready to hang on the tree when they have been egg washed by the children and oven baked until dry.This activity brings together many different areas of learning in one lesson, fine motor skills, design, baking, threading and a wider understanding of the event of Christmas.
It also ties in with the introduction to the Christmas story that the children have heard in story groups and are reinforced in their practises of the Nativity, which they will present to parents on the 12th December. There is an air of excitement and anticipation in all these activities and we look forward to you joining us at the Nativity.

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