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What a day at the ISA Football Tournament! Both Senior Prep squads represented our school proudly!…

Form 2 arranging themselves into multiplication arrays on the playground with Mrs Rajiah and Mrs Harvey!…

Ambition, Patience and Resilience needed for Mrs Rajiah's super Origami club! #bellevueeducation

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Posted on February 03 2017

Since the beginning of the Spring Term, the Montessori Children have been enjoying parent presentations from the cultures they identify with. We have commenced these presentations with Greece. The Montessori Children have learned about the Greek culture, listened to the music of Greece and very much enjoyed learning  the “SIrtaki dance”. Thanks to Ms. Thomopolou, they have even tasted very tasty Greek pastries.

Last week, we have celebrated Chinese New Year. Mrs. Bradstock-Smith explained that the Chinese New Year is celebrated with the ringing of bells, the lighting of firecrackers, watching traditional dragon dances as well as gathering together for their annual reunion dinners on Chinese New Year’s Day. The children enjoyed the dragon dance and really appreciated receiving red envelopes as their Chinese New Year present.

Finally, this week we have enjoyed a wonderful Romanian presentation by Mrs. Maugis during which we have all learned a lot about Romanian culture, handcrafts, music and food.  The children saw traditional Romanian textiles, listened and danced to some Romanian music and really enjoyed tasting a traditional sweet made with cornmeal and raisins.

Having parents to come and share with the children about traditions from the cultures they identify with not only allows the children to learn about world cultures, but it makes it even more relevant, since it directly involves their friends, dance and food.

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