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Posted on January 16 2015

This term has seen the introduction of new cultures and countries to the children’s experiences so far this school year. Our Montessori community is an exciting mix of different heritages and we have tapped into this amazing resource to expand our children’s knowledge and understanding of their world. We are beginning this amazing journey with France. This week we have introduced the French flag and the children have been enjoying exploring and refining their motor skills by cutting and gluing the colours of the flag.

We have also talked about the continent of Europe and shown the location of France in relation to this. Going forward with the help of some of our parents we will be exploring the language, food, people, landscapes and music.

We would welcome any small French artifacts which the children could learn from and experience. 

The all day children are also exploring Dinosaurs in association with Reception. We are discussing different groups of dinosaurs and learning a little more about the differences and similarities.
In art the children have been making collages of dinosaurs using felt, lentils and colouring pencils. We will follow this with cutting the collage out and mounting it onto a display of their natural habitat.

We hope that you will enjoy looking at the work the children are producing over the next weeks when you visit us on Open Thursdays.

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