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Montessori Children

Posted on July 03 2015

This term the Montessori children have been learning about Sikhism, a religion which originated from Punjab in India. They learnt that there are over 30 million Sikhs worldwide. During their lessons, they have drawn and coloured the universal symbol of Sikhism Khanda; the double-edged sword flanked by two daggers and the Golden Temple. During our cooking lessons,the children have made sweets similar to Indian sweets using some of the traditional techniques, and they turned out to be very tasty!

On 9th June two of our parents kindly arrived at our school to conduct a presentation on Sikhism for the class, which was very popular with our children.  The children had the opportunity to see photographs of the Golden Temple and other Sikh emblems. In particular they enjoyed trying on beautiful, colourful Indian dresses and dancing to lively Indian Bangra music. The teachers were also very keen to learn some of the moves in Indian dancing!  Later we all tried some very tasty Indian sweets called 'Barfi' .

We would like to thank our parents for their beautiful presentation.

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