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☰ Montessori Children in Art

Montessori Children in Art

Posted on January 30 2015

The oldest children have also been focussing on France in their art to back up the presentation and in school work on the country and culture whilst the younger children have had an exciting introduction to France and all that the creative art entails!

In the past couple of weeks they have created a French cockerel using collage with feathers and colouring in side shape skills. This also helped them to refine their fine motor skills and take in new language in both English and French.

The following week the children were shown how to create a 2 dimensional Eifel tower using colour drinking straws cut to different lengths and re -creating the example shown by the teacher. This was a successful and enjoyable exercise that resulted in a vast amount of concentration by all!!

This activity enhanced the fine motor skills and the skill of differentiating in length between the straws. The photo shows how successful this venture was!

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