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Montessori - All Day Children

Posted on February 13 2015

The last two weeks we have continued on our Dinosaurs project. Children enjoyed learning and practising the papier maché technique and created their very own 3D Triceratops. In addition to our project the children had a great outing at the Natural History museum joining the Reception class. Both classes together have explored the dinosaurs’ world in a much greater scale. The children have shown interest and curiosity and appreciated the features of different dinosaurs and the Jurassic period.

The children’s main attraction was the moving T-rex and the gigantic remains of the Diplodocus. The T Rex was a force to be reckoned with as it moved and the children’s imagination went wild!
The children were also captivated by the skeletons of the dinosaurs and many questions were asked regarding size and how did we know what they really looked like!
This had really helped develop the children’s enquiring mind!

There was an interactive experience for the children which involved the feeling of imitation skins of dinosaurs. This was a tactile experience that captivated the children! 
It has been a wonderful experience for the children and the teachers to enjoy.

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