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Form 2 with their Roman shields in the mighty Roman 'tortoise' formation! #collaborate

A brilliant Junior and Senior Prep after-school club with our new boxing coach! #primarysport #bellevueeducation

What a day at the ISA Football Tournament! Both Senior Prep squads represented our school proudly!…

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Posted on October 14 2016

Since the beginning of this term, the Montessori children have been learning all about the changing seasons. They have learnt that autumn is the season when each evening the sun sets a little earlier and each morning it rises a little later. They have also learnt that during this season, most trees and plants start losing their leaves. We’ve gone to our garden and picked up the leaves to show the children how they’ve changed colour into wonderful dark reds and browns. We have also talked about hibernation and how many animals start to get ready for the coming winter by collecting food to put into their stores.

The children have learnt about harvest time and harvest vegetables and fruits. They have had a beautiful display of all the harvest produce and had the opportunity of touching and smelling the less common vegetables and fruits. They have also been enjoying singing autumn themed songs and play-acting migrating birds or hibernating animals. Additionally, the children have been creating beautiful vegetable prints and pumpkin cards (conveniently in time for Halloween) in their art groups which they can take home for the parents to enjoy!

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