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Form 2 with their Roman shields in the mighty Roman 'tortoise' formation! #collaborate

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What a day at the ISA Football Tournament! Both Senior Prep squads represented our school proudly!…

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Posted on February 11 2016

This term during the PE lessons the children have been learning about physical skills compromising of a complex blend of movement skills, physical awareness, cognitive understandings and even general attitudes about physical activity and sport.

They have been trying new ways of moving, whether its galloping, hopping, walking, running, jumping, leaping, skipping and sliding. They have been practising these movements while experimenting with changes in speed and direction. Sometimes, playing music in the background has encouraged their creative instincts.

Balance is an especially valuable skill, requiring strength and concentration. The children have been trying new poses: lion pose, penguin pose, forming their bodies into the shape of letters etc. The children thoroughly enjoyed the One-leg balance activity where they were asked to stand on one foot for a few seconds without losing balance. They were shown how to put their hands on their hips and lift the knee of their non-standing leg as high as possible. The challenge has encouraged them to practise and improve their time.                          

The forward roll is one of the basic gymnastic movement the children were introduced to which would help with their flexibility and coordination, as well as proprioception (knowing where the body is as it moves through space). Simply understanding that they need to tuck their head to their chest has been significant in their basic understanding of the movement.

They have been working on flat-footed squats from a standing position and then standing up again. This movement indicates a blend of important qualities: flexibility, coordination and balance, not to mention strength.

Sport activities involving running around cones, going through a maze of Hula Hoops using designated movements etc. have allowed them to learn about turn-taking.

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