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WHAT A BRILLIANT ANGLO-SAXON DAY IN FORM 3! #primaryhistory #historicalassociation #bellevueeducation

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Posted on March 27 2015

Over the past weeks all the Montessori children have learnt two new countries, Greece and Cyprus.

We have shown the children where Greece and Cyprus are located on the puzzle map of Europe

Children have been introduced to the peninsula and gulf as well as the lake and the island by observing both countries land formation and then using and exploring a sensorial material called land and water forms.

We had special guests at the Montessori House representing both countries, Greece and Cyprus.

The children enjoyed being part of a well organised group as they learnt few basic steps of a very traditional Greek music called Zora.

They also recited a traditional Greek song, tasted homemade food, Greek olives and typical cheeses from both countries.

The children learnt the colours of the Greek and Cypriot flags and then had fun colouring their own flag.

They also received a lovely loom band bracelet representing the flag colours of both countries.

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