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Middle Floor Montessori

Posted on May 15 2015

Following the lovely presentation given by Mr. Akyuz on Turkey, we have been continuing with our theme of exploring and learning about different countries and cultures and the children have been playing and exploring with colourful threads and ribbons weaving their own unique and individual Turkish carpets.

The children in the afternoon Art have also enjoyed working with clay – creating Turkish Coffee cups and saucers. They have been greeting each other in Turkish and have been listening to traditional Turkish Nursery Rhymes. There have been afternoons of dancing to Turkish music with bells and jingles!

The children have been actively learning by playing the ever-popular “Simon Says “ – but with a twist! They play it in Turkish! They take turns to be Simon and thinking critically, they explore their recently acquired vocabulary and give commands to the others to do and act! It is hugely popular and they all enjoy playing it together.
Going forward, we will also be enjoying traditional Turkish games in our newly set-up outdoor environment.  

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