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Posted on February 13 2015

For the last two weeks, the Infant Community have been working on colours. We have been looking at yellow, red, green and blue, and have been painting with these colours, being creative and imaginative.

We have also been learning to recognise these colours and during group time the children have been looking at objects of different colours, red, green, blue and yellow. They have then been trying to spot these colours around the classroom and find an object of similar colour.

In the garden we have been playing with the coloured hoops - we have been rolling them and chasing after them. Also we have played jumping into different coloured hoops in a group. This activity helps social interaction and communication, as well as gross motor skills with jumping.

With some of the children in our group we have also moved on to recognising other colours such as orange, purple, pink, white, black and brown.

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