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Infant Community

Posted on January 30 2015

For the last two weeks the Infant Community has been focusing on snowflakes - unfortunately we were not lucky enough to actually have any snow to play with!
Instead we printed with a snowflake shape onto paper and then sprinkled the wet paint with glitter to make it sparkle.

This helps the children with expressive art and design, their fine motor skills and language and communication skills.Learning also to wait for their turn in a group, and to be patient whilst watching others.

After everyone had printed a snowflake, we decided to make salt dough snowflakes. All the children took it in turns to help make the dough, some adding the flour, some the salt and some the water,followed by some vigorous stirring and mixing. Each child was then given a piece of dough to roll flat, and then a 'snowflake' cutter was used to cut out the snowflake.These were then baked for 3 hours to dry out.This week we will be painting them, ready to take home, either a hanging snowflake or a snowflake fridge magnet.

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