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What a day at the ISA Football Tournament! Both Senior Prep squads represented our school proudly!…

Form 2 arranging themselves into multiplication arrays on the playground with Mrs Rajiah and Mrs Harvey!…

Ambition, Patience and Resilience needed for Mrs Rajiah's super Origami club! #bellevueeducation

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Infant Community

Posted on February 24 2017

The Infant Community has been focusing on 'Shapes' since half term. The children are learning the names of 3 shapes, a circle, square and triangle, and learning to recognise them. They are spotting shapes out in the garden and in the classroom, also in the books they look at.

Using their fine motor skills, they are applying glue and sticking and matching these shapes for the display board. As well as this they are colouring in a sheet of shapes, and painting  inside shapes, trying to keep within the lines.

We are using shapes to thread, and matching and sorting more varied shapes, including a heart, diamond, star, rectangle and oval, not to mention an octagon and pentagon.

All these activities promote communication and language and  building self-confidence. They help with working alongside and with others, and learning to wait for their turn.

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