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Infant Community

Posted on October 14 2016

In the Infant Community we have been learning about  'Our Bodies'. We
are learning where different parts of our body are by joining in with
action songs like 'Head and shoulders, clap hands and open and shut
them'. We are making collage faces for our display, looking at
ourselves in the mirror and seeing what colour our hair and eyes are
and then sticking different coloured paper and hair onto them.

The children have also been trying lots of new activities in the
garden using their bodies in different ways. They have been learning
to balance on the balancing beams and stepping stones, and some of
them have ventured onto learning to climb the scramble net using those
balancing skills. They have tried to use the pedals on the tricycles
to cycle round the garden, rather than pushing themselves around with
their legs. As well as using the scooters which use their balancing
skills again.
These activities help the children with their physical development as
well as learning to share and wait for their turn.

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