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Infant Community

Posted on June 16 2016

The Infant Community will be looking at 'Mini-beasts/Bugs' over the next few weeks as their topic. We are going to be exploring our garden for any bugs we can find. We will be looking for flies and bees, spiders, worms, beetles, slugs, woodlice and caterpillars. They will  be learning to name and recognise different bugs and then sorting and matching them. The children will also be doing 'bug' puzzles - putting together the insect’s body, wings and legs of a ladybird, caterpillar, butterfly, bee and spider.

Along with colouring different pictures of bugs, we will be making beautiful 'butterfly' pictures to decorate our display boards. We will also be caring for and looking after our caterpillars, watching them grow into chrysalids, then into a butterfly. Once they have turned into a butterfly the children will be able to release them into our garden.     

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