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Infant Community

Posted on May 05 2016

The Infant Community have been focusing on 'Shapes' as their topic. They have been learning to recognise and name different shapes, square, circle and triangle. They have then been trying to spot these three shapes in books they look at, and in objects in the environment around them. As a group activity they have been finding a shape from a collection of objects and then matching it to the correct shape.

They have also been encouraged to try and draw a circle and straight lines, as well as colouring in a sheet of shapes, and painting within the outlines of these three shapes.

Using fine motor skills, they have been sticking and matching the three shapes. Then moving on and expanding this activity to include lots more shapes: rectangle, star, diamond, oval and heart, and sticking and matching these.

All these activities with shapes promotes communication and language. It also helps the children with learning to work alongside others and to wait for their turn when looking for shapes in a group.

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