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Posted on April 20 2016

The Infant Community children have had an exciting first week back immersing themselves in History Focus Week. We have been looking at dinosaurs, recognising and naming them, as well as pretending to be them, stamping and roaring around the classroom. The children have also been listening to the story 'Ten Terrible Dinosaurs' and joining in with  counting them.

For 'The Night at the Museum' event as a group we have all been getting messy with lots of art 'n' crafts decorating four dinosaurs...a T-Rex, a Triceratops, a Velociraptor and a Stegosaurus. Each child has chosen a picture of a dinosaur to colour, and most of them have coloured in all 4 on offer. The children have enthusiastically painted, finger and hand painted, they have glued a variety of textures, from scrunched up tissue paper, wool, coloured sand and paper shapes and glitter onto the huge dinosaurs. All the children have really enjoyed making the dinosaurs and we hope you enjoyed 'The Night of the Museum' Event too.. 

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