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Infant Community

Posted on January 29 2016

The Infant Community class have all been enjoying the Topic Winter. We were lucky and the weather did albeit briefly get cold, with a need to wear warmer clothes, hats and gloves. It was also cold enough for there to be a slight frost in the garden so the children were able to explore mark making with their fingers in the frost on the bench, with exclamations of 'it's cold'. They were enthusiastic and eager to make their 'Snowmen', which are proudly on display in the school hallway for the rest of the school to see. We continued with the Winter topic printing 'Snowflakes' of different patterns, then adding glitter to make them sparkle. Lots of the children keenly did this activity more than once.

We are now moving on to our next topic, 'Transport'. We will be discussing with the group, how they travel to school, and which forms of transport they have been on. They will be doing transport related puzzles, sorting  and counting cars, building their own train tracks, and exploring all the vehicles to ride on in the garden.

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