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Posted on July 03 2015

Since half term we have been concentrating on 'Summer' as our topic. We have been discussing with the children how to take care in the sun, wearing cool clothing, sun hats, sun lotion and making sure that we drink lots of water in hot weather.

For expressive art and design, we have been colouring pictures of ice-creams with our favourite flavours, vanilla and strawberry and also 'bubble blowing' paint and then making these into ice-creams for our display! Most of the children have successfully mastered the skill of blowing down the straw to make bubbles.

Some of our children have also been preparing to transition from the Infant Community to the Montessori Nursery.They have all been really excited and keen, to go up the stairs to their new class. They have all had a chance to visit their new teacher and have tried some new work with their new classmates. They have also spent time in the garden mixing with the Montessori children and spending time getting to know their new teacher.

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