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Form 2 with their Roman shields in the mighty Roman 'tortoise' formation! #collaborate

A brilliant Junior and Senior Prep after-school club with our new boxing coach! #primarysport #bellevueeducation

What a day at the ISA Football Tournament! Both Senior Prep squads represented our school proudly!…

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Montessori Nursery

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The Montessori Nursery promotes the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori who believed that children are natural learners and that given appropriate resources and opportunities, children will progress in their learning by capitalising on their innate curiosity and desire to learn. In our Montessori Nursery each child is individually planned for and supported in their learning by their dedicated key worker, who also holds a Montessori Teaching qualification. We promote mixed-age groupings of children to enable older learners to support younger ones, and younger learners to learn from their older friends. 

The Nursery children benefit from a protected 3 hour work cycle, which enables the children to freely explore the environment during this time, accessing resources and completing their learning in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. 

The children are exposed to teaching, activities and resources which support their development in the five areas of Montessori learning:

Afternoon Activities

Children at Montessori Nursery can now enjoy an exciting afternoon programme. Our optional afternoon sessions running after lunch each day, offer engaging activities for pupils to enjoy, ranging from weekly visits to Forest School and the local library to Art, Cookery or French lessons.

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